The Only Team I Need: Flesh Eating Champagne

Rob and I never lived together before we got married, and when we finally did get married and move in together, we had a lot of fun playing Rock Band (the video game). We named our band in the game Flesh Eating Champagne, and the name has stayed with us since. When we need toContinue reading “The Only Team I Need: Flesh Eating Champagne”

Wedding Cake Topper: Glass Insects

Some of you may know that I am currently planning my wedding. The big event is going to occur April 19th, a date that is getting closer & closer! You can check everything out at As you can tell from the wedding website, the theme for our wedding is, “Spring.” I am using insects,Continue reading “Wedding Cake Topper: Glass Insects”

Julepstyle Endorses Hillary

I’m not kidding myself, the only people who read are my family & friends. That said, I’d like to explain why Julepstyle (me) is endorsing Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential primary & election. I agree with Hillary’s policies, ideas, and plans for America (you can read more about them here). I am firmlyContinue reading “Julepstyle Endorses Hillary”

Halloween Party 2007 at Broadway

This past Saturday was the annual Halloween party at Broadway on the Beach. Erin and I went as gold and silver (respectively); Rob, Adam, and Rich dressed as Cannibal Cooks; Dinah was a Ladybug; Matt and Shannon were a Werewolf and Vampire. We had a great time and got some awesome pictures. (Click on theContinue reading “Halloween Party 2007 at Broadway”