Buy Spoleto Tickets Now!

One of the best festivals that South Carolina puts on each year is the Spoleto festival in Charleston, SC. This year the festival is being held May 22 – June 07; tickets are currently on sale. There’s such a variety of things to see and exeprience: The opera Amistad, Musical theater – Monkey: Journey to the West, and the Ballet […]

Wedding Cake Topper: Glass Insects

Some of you may know that I am currently planning my wedding. The big event is going to occur April 19th, a date that is getting closer & closer! You can check everything out at As you can tell from the wedding website, the theme for our wedding is, “Spring.” I am using insects, grass, and the color green […]

Julepstyle Endorses Hillary

I’m not kidding myself, the only people who read are my family & friends. That said, I’d like to explain why Julepstyle (me) is endorsing Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential primary & election. I agree with Hillary’s policies, ideas, and plans for America (you can read more about them here). I am firmly in agreement with her health […]

TMBG on Halloween

Although we had a fabulous Halloween Party on the Saturday before Halloween (click here for pictures), Erin and I were not satisfied. We took our silver and gold costumes down to Charleston on Halloween night, specifically down to the Music Farm. They Might Be Giants, one of our favorite bands ever, was in town to do a show. It was […]

Halloween Party 2007 at Broadway

This past Saturday was the annual Halloween party at Broadway on the Beach. Erin and I went as gold and silver (respectively); Rob, Adam, and Rich dressed as Cannibal Cooks; Dinah was a Ladybug; Matt and Shannon were a Werewolf and Vampire. We had a great time and got some awesome pictures. (Click on the picture for more picturesl) Click […]

Happy New Year’s!

I want to wish everyone a (belated) super-happy New Year! Rob and I returned from Reykjavik yesterday, and I have many pictures and things I want to share with everyone. We truly had an amazing trip. Iceland was gorgeous!! New Year’s Eve in Iceland was the biggest amateur fireworks show in the world. Stay tuned in the following days as […]

I am in Iceland

After an uneventful, but long journey, Rob and I made it to Reykjavik. Thanks to the high-speed internet at the Hotel Luna, I am able to use Rob’s PSP to blog–very slowly. The city is a beautiful mix of modern technology & old sea village. The weather is cold, but easily bearable. The light of the afternoon sun is low; […]

Christmas Finally

Now that the successful fiasco known as my sister’s wedding is over & done, I can begin to turn my thoughts to the future. Namely Christmas. My List of Overpriced Goodies that I have no Business Wanting but Want Anyway Christmas Wish List 1. Some Camper Shoes. I love Camper Twins. They don’t match, and that’s how they like it. […]

Travel to Reykjavik

**EDITED TO ADD** Check out the December edition of the Atlantic Monthly for an entire article on why Reykjavik in winter ROCKS! Why go to Reykjavik in December? 1. To see The Northern Lights The Northern Lights (aka Aurora Borealis) are visible only from September through April and can only be seen on a clear, crisp night. If you’re lucky […]

Suzy Chillin’ in NYC

I lost my camera (*sob, sob*), but a good friend managed to score some photos from my weekend trip to NYC. (I’m the biggest camera flake ever. I should only be allowed to have a disposable camera.) Girls doing shopping things (at pearl river) Where is Mariboo? Fancy pan of dinner people (sans Justine) Everyone at Omen having fun!

My Halloween Mix

It’s no secret to those who know me that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I began planning & scheming months in advance for the festivities. I thought it would be nice to share a sample Halloween Music playlist. 1. Baby did a Bad, Bad Thing – Chris Isaak 2. Bad Moon Rising – CCR 3. Strangers in […]