Laundry Room Renovation: Almost There!

Over a year ago (3/13/12), I began my laundry room renovation project. As you can see from the first post, the room was in dire need of work! I’m excited to say that this project is well underway, and though it’s not quite complete, we are almost at the end. (I’ve made some after/before pictures and attached them to the […]

Laundry Room Renovation: Before

If we ever have a tornado, our laundry room might be the best place to go. It’s right in the middle of the house, there are no windows, and there are actually two roofs over it. However, it’s also the room most likely to look like it was hit by a tornado. It’s one of the *two* rooms that haven’t […]

Laundry News

I know it has been quite some time since I have updated this website. It’s funny how time just sneaks up on you. I just got DSL at my apartment, and will be updating much more regularly in the future. Below you can view pictures of my new washer & dryer. They’re so quiet, new, & gorgeous. No more car […]