Deviled Eggs – with Bacon!

There’s only one kind of deviled egg recipe in the world that I’ll eat, and it’s this one. I grew up on these deviled eggs, first from my grandma, then my mother. Now I’m sharing the recipe because there are entirely too many deviled eggs recipes on the internets that don’t have bacon!
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Porcini Baby Bella Rice

Erin’s new recipe for Porcini Baby Bella Rice is awesome! Generally Porcini mushrooms are used in risotto, but here’s a more flexible, lighter version using jasmine rice and white truffle oil. (Makes 4-6 servings)
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Fried Okra

In farmers markets of South Carolina, Okra is a great vegetable available all summer long. Pick up a, “Mess of Okra,” and serve it fried for a really tasty treat!

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Pecan Pilaf

We have another great recipe called Pecan Pilaf. My mom made this for Thanksgiving; it tastes very, very yummy.

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Cheesy Pineapple Casserole

Now that the post-Thanksgiving Rush has settled down, and I’m looking at the home stretch for my exam studying (12/5 & 12/6), It’s time to post some new recipes.

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Mirza Ghasemi

When I was living in Durham, one of my favorite restaurants was Cafe Parveneh in Chapel Hill. Serving traditional Persian cuisine, one of my favorite dishes was Mirza Ghasemi. i submitted my own tasty version of this veggie treat to the vittles.

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Summertime Pasta Salad

For our family’s Father’s Day Gathering, I made a great pasta salad. When I was a kid, I avoided all mixed salads–pasta, potato, tuna, chicken. However, I loved my mom’s pasta salad (this is her recipe modified a bit). My very picky boyfriend even liked it. Plus, since I made it, it is GUARANTEED to be quick, easy, and very difficult to mess up.

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Stuffed Artichoke Side

Stuffed artichokes are a tasty New Orleanian Treat, but stuffing each leaf is time consuming. This dish offers the best of both worlds–great taste & easy preparation.

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Squash & Corn Cakes w/Chipotle Mayo

Ahhh, squash. Always cheap at the store, but what to do with it that is new and exciting? This recipe brings new life to squash, and it’s quick and easy to make!

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