Buy Spoleto Tickets Now!

One of the best festivals that South Carolina puts on each year is the Spoleto festival in Charleston, SC. This year the festival is being held May 22 – June 07; tickets are currently on sale. There’s such a variety of things to see and exeprience: The opera Amistad, Musical theater – Monkey: Journey to the West, and the Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve, to name just a few. Rob and I recently bought tickets to see the Dutch Hotel Modern’s production called The Great War. This expedition down to Charleston is additionally exciting for us because it the first event we actually have planned to do as a married couple.

The audience is witness to the reconstruction of the landscapes of the Western Front on a miniature scale using sawdust, potting soil, rusty nails and parsley as trees. It rains from a plant moisturer, it bombardes from a gas-jet. A friendly field gradually mutates in a poisonous wound of mud. The images are filmed with digital- and minicameras, and through a mixer edited live and projected larger than life. The result is staggeringly realistic.

So support the arts in South Carolina and buy tickets to a Spoleto event today!

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