Earth Day Swap #2

This is what i sent to badtz-mari. I hope she likes it; it’s all recycled/reused materials for her enjoyment.

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Earth Day Swap #1

Thanks TayLynn for the gorgeous hand-crocheted dishclothes. I love them!

Crocheted Dishcloths

Secret Snowflake, Part 2

I saw that my secret snowflake has recieved & opened her package, so I am posting the pics of what I sent her.

Secret Santa

I had a lot of fun putting together this package, but I didn’t get to craft as much as I had hoped to b/c of my exam. I sent her: Loteria Cards, Pin-up Girl Books & Buttons, a Graham Cracker Gingerbread House Kit w/Loads of Candy, a DIY Snowglobe, Rainbow Legwarmers & Socks, Cocoa Mixes, and some other small random things.

Secret Snowflake, Part 1

I was having an awful day yesterday; I got some news that made me sad. However, when I arrived home, I had the most awesome secret snowflake package waiting on me. This is the best package I have ever received. I’m still glowing; it has made my week. And my secret snowflake is the most awesome one in the entire world!

Secret Snowflake Swap

I got a sublimely tacky landscape, an awesome crafty book, lush goodies, handmade soap goodies, beautiful yarn, and a cool vintage pin! I’m so happy to recieve such perfectly chosen gifties! And my cats loved the packaging!

Texas and Trixie
That’s Texas & Trixie inside the package!

Recent Goodies

I have been neglecting to post several crafted presents I received in the mail lately.

AmandaJ made me this lovely stuff to complement my fruit swap stuff. It’s so cool; I love it! Everything she makes is gorgeous & thoughtful.
Random Acts

Alexia from Wait Come Back made me some lovely art pieces in thanks for a t-shirt I sent her. She rocks!
Alexia's Gifts

Dollar Store Swap

Here’s a picture of the stuff I’m mailing out today for my dollar store swap. For this swap, participants bought 10 things from the local dollar store to mail to their swappee. In actuality, nothing was handcrafted, but I think it still counts as “craftiness” because I’m mailing it to a crafty gal.

I’m an angel..haha

For the final mailout (4th) of my Angel’s & Mortals Swap, I tried to make my mortal a few cool items.
I sent her a mermaid doll, a chocolate/baking book, chocolate coffee, some sampler goodies, homemade candy bar brownies & recipe, a decoupaged box, and some collages I made with a chin colle’d digital print & ribbon.

Close up of the prints:

Close up of the box:

The only thing that was bad was that the brownies were uber-heavy; the box ended up weighing over 6 lbs! I had to pay $20 just to mail it. I don’t really mind though as I am going to be taking a break from swaps for awhile.

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I thought I’d share a few of the handmade things I sent to AmandaJ for the August Swap of the Month–Favorite Fruit. AmandaJ’s favorite fruit was the Hot Pepper. I had so much fun concocting stuff for this swap; I love hot peppers too!
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Favorite Thing Swap

I recieved an awesome favorite thing swap from jettesette; she says it was her first, and she did a great job! I chose landscapes as my favorite thing and she sent me a cool mix cd, bubbles, marble magnets, decoupaged box of landscapes, beautiful handmade landscape purse (I love it so much), and some cool landscape felt coasters.
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Pringles Can Swap – Part 2

I got the coolest swap package ever from stinkycretingurl; Thank you so much!!
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Pringles Can Swap

I finished my pringles can tonite…just a little late. I hope my secret swappee likes the package!
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Color me blue…

i finally recieved my color swap package from neurochic!
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