Christmas Finally

Christmas Finally

Now that the successful fiasco known as my sister’s wedding is over & done, I can begin to turn my thoughts to the future. Namely Christmas.

My List of Overpriced Goodies that I have no Business Wanting but Want Anyway Christmas Wish List

1. Some Camper Shoes. I love Camper Twins. They don’t match, and that’s how they like it. Maybe I could afford 1 pair, but then I’d have to choose. AND that’s the hardest part.
Camper Shoes
2. Orla Kiely Things. On my recent trip to NYC, I came across a CHEAP Orla Kiely purse at a thrift store in Brooklyn. Now I just need one with a really long shoulder strap…and a dress…and a wallet….and maybe some of that fancy luggage.
Orla Keily Stuff
3. Louis Vuitton’s Cabas Mezzo You know–the purse Angelina Jolie carries around so much. On second thought, it’s a bad idea. If I carried that purse, people wouldn’t be able to tell us apart.
Cabas Mezzo
4. The Dyson DC-15 Animal Gorgeous vacumn.
5. Kitty Cat Accessories Fancy cases for travelling & a filtered water fountain
Cat Things
6. Sexy Books on Design Just because they look cool. They may have useful content. But they definitely look cool.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Finally

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      I love the shoes!!! And I have been dying for a Dyson forever. Great taste, Girl!

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      I like the black confetti shoes. Did you see the pink limited edition Dyson at Target? The wedding was so beautiful and everything was wonderful. My family REALLY enojoyed it! Nothing like great fun!

    • Author gravatar

      Funny thing….I get confused for Angelina on a DAILY BASIS. Yeesh. It’s tough being hot, isn’t it?!?! ha ha ha

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