Moogle and Teddie Onesies

I participated in a gift exchange recently on a board for moms due in September of 2016, and I ended up getting matched with a mom who loved JRPG’s (Japanese role playing games). I made her some onesies for her little guy featuring iron-ons from two games. (Rob, my husband, helped me pick out good character as his knowledge of […]

Flower-Shaped Treat Box How-To

One of the blogs that I read everyday is Prudent Baby. They have really cute projects and generally inspiring posts. They also have lots of contests for various prizes, but I usually don’t enter because their contests are usually sewing-related (and I am not a sewer–yet). However, on March 17th they announced a, “Sweet on Paper Contest,” to win an […]

Vintage iPhone Wallpapers

One of the first things I did when I bought my Blackberry Pearl was created a whole series of wallpapers made from pictures of actual vintage wallpaper. (You can see these wallpapers by clicking here.) Well, I upgraded to the iPhone on Saturday. And once again, I created a whole series of vintage wallpapers to help anyone coordinate their iPhone […]

Rob’s Puppies

For one of Rob’s birthday presents, I gave him a set of portraits of his puppies. They are all a mix of digital art & pastels. Pepper’s main mission in life is just to cuddle and be loved. Nugget loves toys; they are on his brain all the time. Toby (Tobasco is his full name) spends his day being a […]

Painting for Mom

My Mom needed a quick large painting (36″ x 48″) the other day to finish getting her condo ready for some company to visit. She was going to send me out to buy her one; instead I suggested that I just paint one for her. The results: