Moogle and Teddie Onesies

Teddie & Moogle

Teddie & Moogle

I participated in a gift exchange recently on a board for moms due in September of 2016, and I ended up getting matched with a mom who loved JRPG’s (Japanese role playing games). I made her some onesies for her little guy featuring iron-ons from two games. (Rob, my husband, helped me pick out good character as his knowledge of JRPG’s is far larger than mine.) I chose Teddie from Persona 4 and Moogle from Final Fantasy. And even though my iron-creation skills are limited to the monochrome world (for the most part), I think these onesies turned out pretty cool!
Teddie from Persona 4

Teddie from Persona 4

Moogle from Final Fantasy

Moogle from Final Fantasy

Swap Gift

The entire gift package!

The Only Team I Need: Flesh Eating Champagne

Rob and I never lived together before we got married, and when we finally did get married and move in together, we had a lot of fun playing Rock Band (the video game). We named our band in the game Flesh Eating Champagne, and the name has stayed with us since. When we need to come up with a team name for trivia or a race, I always suggest Flesh Eating Champagne. It’s only fitting that we have a logo.

Flesh Eating Champagne Logo

And here’s our team on a 5K Glow Scavenger Hunt back in October sporting the logo on day-glo orange t-shirts.

Weekly Sketch – my husband listening to music

We went to Brookgreen Gardens Friday evening for their summer evening concert series. It was fun, and I drew my husband as he enjoyed the scene beside me.

ETA — Is it super-obvious that I hate drawing ears?

Flower-Shaped Treat Box How-To

One of the blogs that I read everyday is Prudent Baby. They have really cute projects and generally inspiring posts. They also have lots of contests for various prizes, but I usually don’t enter because their contests are usually sewing-related (and I am not a sewer–yet). However, on March 17th they announced a, “Sweet on Paper Contest,” to win an 11×17 Brother Printer. I really need a new printer, so I developed this flower-shaped box as my entry. The azaleas that are starting to bloom around our yard to signal the start of spring were an excellent source of inspiration.
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Vintage iPhone Wallpapers

One of the first things I did when I bought my Blackberry Pearl was created a whole series of wallpapers made from pictures of actual vintage wallpaper. (You can see these wallpapers by clicking here.)

Well, I upgraded to the iPhone on Saturday. And once again, I created a whole series of vintage wallpapers to help anyone coordinate their iPhone with their outfit. Enjoy! You can view them by clicking here!

A shot of my new iPhone sporting some vintage wallpaper!

Blackberry Pearl Wallpapers from Vintage Wallpaper

I’m so in love with my new Blackberry Pearl. I diligently take care of it. I download new programs to make myself more (or less) productive. It has been the easiest thing in the world to use. That said, I’m sort of sick of all the themes I see out there. I don’t want new text or icons, just prettier pictures for wallpaper. To make my Pearl the prettiest Pearl possible, I have made a collection of really cool wallpapers from vintage wallpapers. That’s right, virtual wallpapers made from actual wallpapers.

See the Wallpapers

Rob’s Puppies

For one of Rob’s birthday presents, I gave him a set of portraits of his puppies. They are all a mix of digital art & pastels.

Pepper’s main mission in life is just to cuddle and be loved.
Nugget loves toys; they are on his brain all the time.
Toby (Tobasco is his full name) spends his day being a hyper LOUD puppy; he’s just kinetic!

Painting for Mom

My Mom needed a quick large painting (36″ x 48″) the other day to finish getting her condo ready for some company to visit. She was going to send me out to buy her one; instead I suggested that I just paint one for her. The results:

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Troop Neckerchief

Here’s a look at a neckerchief that I helped design for the local boyscout troop. Anyone who guesses all the South Carolina symbolism will win a prize.
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Birds & Flowers

I painted/Collaged some bird & flowers squares as a gift for my sister. Each has a turqoise star or heart, but the colors don’t look so hot in the photos.
See a detailed view

Flower Triptych

This weekend, I made some flower pictures for a swap I’m sending out today. I’m not telling who it’s for; I hope she enjoys it!
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Cutie Pie Owl

I made these owl notecards last night.  I just love googly eyes; they’re so useful.
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