Painting (Gilding) Ugly Furniture

When I realized that Rob and I needed a sideboard/credenza for our dining room to hold serving pieces and extra dishes, I began looking at all our options. I quickly realized that I didn’t really want a sideboard enough to part with hundreds of dollars. I wanted a stopgap sideboard that would suffice until I could afford the sideboard of […]

My New Bar

I made a stereo cabinet that I got from the Habitat Resale Shop into a bar. All I did was rearrange the shelves a bit, put mirrors on each shelf, and update my stemware/liquor collection. This was a pretty cool project; I’m very happy with the results! Cocktail hour at my place tonight.

My New Chair

The town of Calabash, NC is locally famous for two things: Calabash Seafood & Great Thrift Stores. On a recent sojourn to the area, I came across this great new chair. (I got it for a steal–only $28!) It’s very 80’s, very brown, & very cool. I bought a great new brown/gold/orange rug to help coordinate the 80s chair with […]