Fit Flops

Ever since I’ve started receiving the Bliss catalog, I’ve wanted a pair of MBT’s. I just haven’t been able to part with the $250 it would require to purchase these super-advanced cellulite-burning shoes.

Rob’s Puppies

For one of Rob’s birthday presents, I gave him a set of portraits of his puppies. They are all a mix of digital art & pastels. Pepper’s main mission in life is just to cuddle and be loved. Nugget loves toys; they are on his brain all the time. Toby (Tobasco is his full name) spends his day being a […]

Painting for Mom

My Mom needed a quick large painting (36″ x 48″) the other day to finish getting her condo ready for some company to visit. She was going to send me out to buy her one; instead I suggested that I just paint one for her. The results:

Happy Birthday to Rob!

Today, Rob finally reaches the ripe old age of 28! Everyone wish him a very very happy birthday. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Ro-ob, (You smell like a monkey) Happy Birthday to you! (And you look like one too!)

Bath Poofs

I’ve been knitting bath puffs lately. The economics doesn’t really make sense; at Wal-Mart you can get a bath puff for $.94, but if you knit one you have to buy the yarn and spend the time knitting it. I’ve been on a crafting hiatus for awhile, and I’m starting to remember how much fun it is to make things. […]

Work Wildlife

I haven’t been doing anything interesting but working lately, but I’d thought I’d post some pictures of animals I meet when I leave in the evening. I’m not exactly sure of the species or anything, but I generally know that the pictures show a skink/gecko/lizard, a squirrel (chilling out under my vehicle), and a grasshopper of some sort. eta: This […]