Ever since I’ve started receiving the Bliss catalog, I’ve wanted a pair of MBT’s. I just haven’t been able to part with the $250 it would require to purchase these super-advanced cellulite-burning shoes.

Now, there’s a flip flop designed to do the same thing–Fit Flops, and they’re completely sold out in the United Kingdom. Bath & Body Works has decided to distribute these clever shoes stateside; pick up a pair there for only $39.95 (click here) before they’re sold out in the US as well! (Use code FREESHIP50 by 5/31/07 for free shipping on orders over $50; use code FREESHIP by 6/03/07 for free shipping on orders over $65.)

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  1. I was getting sort of lazy with my exercise routine and getting the MBT was a total boost in getting me going again – it is so much easier, fun and better for you than any other shoe I have ever used! THEY ARE JUST GREAT & AFTER THREE MONTHS OF WEARING THEM I FEEL BETTER TONED AND MORE FIT AND LIVELY!

    I’ve done a lot research because I also was not happy about the high price of MBTs at the beginning — NOW IKNOW THEY ARE TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY 7 MORE! The Fit Flop is good for the price, but when it comes to being physiological footwear IT IS JUST A FLOP. It is not only the curved shape of the MBT that yields these great results and effects — it is the MBT sensor and five different layer technology which only MBT has… there are many curved shoes: Earth, Fit FLop, Tsui Shi etc. etc. BUT THESE ARE ONLY CURVED SHOES NOT PHYSIOLOGICAL FOOTWEAR LIKE THE MBT…

    Also, I wanted to let all of you know there is a great tool for professionally fitting & buying MBTs online that I found if you go to http://www.FeetFirstFitness.com it is much better than the Bliss link you are giving, because they only sell (and specialize in) MBTs! I got my shoes the same day I ordered them and they were a perfect fit — I traced my feet and faxed them in and http://www.FeetFirstFitness.com recommended which styles would be good for my feet and in which size

    Now that the MBTs are looking better in design you are starting to see a lot of them down here along South Beach.

    Ciao from Miami! Kat.

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