Bath Poofs

I’ve been knitting bath puffs lately. The economics doesn’t really make sense; at Wal-Mart you can get a bath puff for $.94, but if you knit one you have to buy the yarn and spend the time knitting it. I’ve been on a crafting hiatus for awhile, and I’m starting to remember how much fun it is to make things. Expect more of these crafting posts in the future.

Bath Poofs
Bath Poofs 2

2 Replies to “Bath Poofs”

  1. As Ladies’ Ministry leader of my church I was wondering if you would donate to me a few of your bath poofs to be used with our WOW(women of worth) group. We are a group that meet to celebrate being ladies and work to enrich the lives of other ladies in our church, our families and our community. We are hosting a rather large ladies’ retreat in the fall and I am now working to get really unique items donated to be used with this event. As a thank you I would be most happy to share your website with these ladies. If possible please mail to
    Nancy Rogers
    Ladies’ Ministry
    North Cities United Pentecostal Church
    502 Belt Line
    Garland, Texas 75040

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