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The clouds this morning

Blackberry Pearl Wallpapers from Vintage Wallpaper

I’m so in love with my new Blackberry Pearl. I diligently take care of it. I download new programs to make myself more (or less) productive. It has been the easiest thing in the world to use. That said, I’m sort of sick of all the themes I see out there. I don’t want new text or icons, just prettier pictures for wallpaper. To make my Pearl the prettiest Pearl possible, I have made a collection of really cool wallpapers from vintage wallpapers. That’s right, virtual wallpapers made from actual wallpapers.

See the Wallpapers

Eliza & Seth

Happy Anniversary Elizabeth & Seth!

It’s hard to believe that my little sister has already been married a year. This past Saturday, Elizabeth & Seth stopped by for dinner and a mini celebration. They brought a bottle of bubbly and the top tier of their wedding cake (as custom dictates). We all raised a glass and tasted the wedding cake. (I’ve always wondered what year old wedding cake tastes like; it wasn’t awful, just a little stale.) To celebrate the momentous paper anniversary, Rob and I gave Elizabeth a giant gift bag of paper products–wrapping paper, paper towels, tissues, paper plates, etc… We had a fun night. Congratulations to them!

Trixie and Texas

Cozy Kitty

It’s cold outside; Texas & Trixie say go back to bed!

2007 Sputnik Tree Topper Competition

Inspired by the sundry Sputnik-style tree toppers on Ebay, Erin and I decided to hold a sputnik tree topper competition.

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First Christmas Tree

My First Big Christmas Tree

I’ve put up my first ever full-size Christmas tree. It’s a retro aluminum tree with a color wheel light. It’s so pretty (even if I do say so myself)! Look for the sputnik tree topper competition later on Julepstyle.

Engagement Ring

I’m Engaged

Rob and I have sort of secretly been planning a wedding for awhile now. But on Wednesday night, Rob made it official by proposing at Stool Pigeons at Broadway (where we first met). He gave me a little white gold band with emeralds (his birthstone); it’s a very simple ring, and I love it. We can now officially announce that we’re going to get married on April 19th on the beach in North Myrtle. The wedding will be around 4:30 with a reception to follow at the House of Blues from 5-8ish. I’m not sure about a honeymoon yet; we’ll see how our finances are looking. We also have a corny website where we will also be posting all the info.

Scarf Gift

I made this scarf for a super-hospitable friend earlier this year….now seemed like a good time to post it.

See the Scarf

TMBG on Halloween

Although we had a fabulous Halloween Party on the Saturday before Halloween (click here for pictures), Erin and I were not satisfied. We took our silver and gold costumes down to Charleston on Halloween night, specifically down to the Music Farm. They Might Be Giants, one of our favorite bands ever, was in town to do a show. It was completely awesome and fun. They Might Be Giants (TMBG) like to rock the party.

Far Away
We started out far away.

Close Up
After the mysterious Congo line incident, we were at the stage. We were so close, we could make eye contact with the two Johns for the rest of the evening. It’s hard to miss silver & gold-tinseled hair girls, especially when one of them is 6’5″ in her silver heels.

Halloween Party 2007 at Broadway

This past Saturday was the annual Halloween party at Broadway on the Beach. Erin and I went as gold and silver (respectively); Rob, Adam, and Rich dressed as Cannibal Cooks; Dinah was a Ladybug; Matt and Shannon were a Werewolf and Vampire. We had a great time and got some awesome pictures.

Halloween 2007
(Click on the picture for more picturesl)

Click here for pictures from Halloween of 2006.

Click here for pictures from Halloween of 2005.

Ocean Isle Oyster Festival

Elizabeth & Seth came to visit this past weekend; we all wanted to go to the NC Oyster Festival. However, the whole festival was pretty much a bummer. They had parking on the mainland (w/shuttles), but the shuttles were so slow we decided to walk over to the event. When we got there, we all paid our $5, walked completely around the event, and walked out. We went to stand in the shuttle line (for the return trip), but the line was hours long. We walked back across the bridge. The most exciting thing about the day was walking back & forth across the bridge. Oh well, we know not to do that again (and at least we were agile enough to ascertain the lameness of the situation & split without wasting hours and hours)!

Walking Over the Bridge

View from the Bridge

Vanna & Me

It’s not everyday that you get to meet an American pop culture icon, but yesterday afternoon, I was lucky to do just that. Vanna White came to her hometown of North Myrtle Beach to unveil the new, “Welcome to North Myrtle Beach: Home of Vanna White,” signs. Our firm had been involved with the design of these signs; Vanna was gracious enough to pose with us all. Very cool experience. She is a really gorgeous lady (and 50 years old)!

Vanna White and Me

Taz & Lucy

Here’s yesterday’s pictures of my mom’s other kids.

Taz had surgery on his foot; he’s blue-foot right now (and holding his dolly).

Lucky Lucy

Scary Story Part #2

In the spirit of Halloween, here is part two in my effort to create a scary short story. Check back for further installments.

Part 1 Here

When I first learned to drive, traveling through these fog patches was always a thrill. Especially when it was dark. These roads are usually less used, so when I was the only car on the road, I’d turn on my brights to make the fog more visible. My eyes would eagerly search for figures in the fog–the ghosts of Indians, colonists, revolutionary soldiers, slaves, confederate soldiers–any of the legendary spirits of South Carolina.

In my college years, I moved away from the south and forgot all about those early morning/early evening fog patches. Driving through Philadelphia, I never felt as close to the land as driving through the coastal plain of South Carolina. The buildings, signs, and people all kept you clearly attached to the current place and time. There were some parts of the city that had the same ethereal atmosphere, but it was never as spooky as those foggy areas on those long highway drives. Drives where you don’t encounter cars, houses, or any evidence of human occupation for miles at a time, and you can imagine yourself drifting backward through time and the seemingly immortal Carolina landscape.

I moved back down South 10 years later. Some say for family, some say for better career opportunities; I say for both, and I’m still not sure why I came home. Who knows. But I had almost forgotten those vaporous patches of fog you encounter while driving on a lonely morning or evening–until I drove through one and saw the faces…