Blackberry Pearl Wallpapers from Vintage Wallpaper

Blackberry Pearl Wallpapers from Vintage Wallpaper

I’m so in love with my new Blackberry Pearl. I diligently take care of it. I download new programs to make myself more (or less) productive. It has been the easiest thing in the world to use. That said, I’m sort of sick of all the themes I see out there. I don’t want new text or icons, just prettier pictures for wallpaper. To make my Pearl the prettiest Pearl possible, I have made a collection of really cool wallpapers from vintage wallpapers. That’s right, virtual wallpapers made from actual wallpapers.

You can see them all by clicking here.

I’m currently sporting this wallpaper; it goes really well with my orange skin. And everyone knows I am partial to landscapes.
Landscape Wallpaper

My Pearl

ETA Erin’s lovely Pearl also sporting a vintage wallpaper wallpaper!
Erin's Pearl

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