It’s not everyday that you get to meet an American pop culture icon, but yesterday afternoon, I was lucky to do just that. Vanna White came to her hometown of North Myrtle Beach to unveil the new, “Welcome to North Myrtle Beach: Home of Vanna White,” signs. Our firm had been involved with the design of these signs; Vanna was gracious enough to pose with us all. Very cool experience. She is a really gorgeous lady (and 50 years old)!

Vanna White and Me

2 Replies to “Vanna & Me”

  1. Well, look at you! Mingling with the celebrity….how WILD! So, what inspired the city to now put up signs acknowledging Vanna White???

  2. well, the original signs said hometown of vanna too. but now they’re fancy. i’ll send you a picture when i get back to work!

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