I am in Iceland

After an uneventful, but long journey, Rob and I made it to Reykjavik. Thanks to the high-speed internet at the Hotel Luna, I am able to use Rob’s PSP to blog–very slowly. The city is a beautiful mix of modern technology & old sea village. The weather is cold, but easily bearable. The light of the afternoon sun is low; […]

Craving Indian Food

There is no Indian restaurant in Myrtle Beach anymore. There used to be one; every time I visit now, they appear to be closed. I’m tempted to drive to Wilmington, NC; an hour drive for really good chicken tikka masala seems less of a hurdle everyday. I’ve been eating Amy’s Indian Mattar Paneer almost everyday for lunch. It staves off […]

Christmas Finally

Now that the successful fiasco known as my sister’s wedding is over & done, I can begin to turn my thoughts to the future. Namely Christmas. My List of Overpriced Goodies that I have no Business Wanting but Want Anyway Christmas Wish List 1. Some Camper Shoes. I love Camper Twins. They don’t match, and that’s how they like it. […]