Lowcountry Crab Boil

Saturday night, my family cooked a lowcountry crab boil (aka Frogmore Stew, although sometimes that one doesn’t have crab). It was the best meal ever. Serve it with some drinks and crusty bread; it’s always a party. Simple, yet tasty.

Bye Bye Winter Blahs

Well, it’s Spring Break at the Beach. What does that entail? 1) The beginning of the tourist infiltration. They take over our roads, restaurants, parks, shops…This is the time of year when the locals learn to be very patient & eat out very late (or very early). 2) Bathing suits. I don’t really want to go buy a bathing suit […]

Coveting Shoes & Avoiding the LARE

I’m taking the 2nd part of my professional licensure exam on Wednesday & Thurday (4/5-6), but I don’t want to talk about that anymore than I want to continue reading on the subjects being tested. Let’s just say it’s all boring–the legal & construction things of landscape architecture. When I’m reading the material, I have to periodically check my pulse […]