Bye Bye Winter Blahs

Well, it’s Spring Break at the Beach. What does that entail?

1) The beginning of the tourist infiltration. They take over our roads, restaurants, parks, shops…This is the time of year when the locals learn to be very patient & eat out very late (or very early).
2) Bathing suits. I don’t really want to go buy a bathing suit yet. There’s something uniquely torturous about purchasing a bathing suit–trying it on under the harsh florescent lights turns pale, dry winter skin into something akin to the death special effects in horror movies. It’s really an experience I like to repress every year. This year, I’m thinking about getting a Mystic Tan. I don’t have the patience to actually lay out, plus I love my fair skin. But bodies in bathing suits look much better when they’re tanned. You just don’t see the imperfections as much.
3) Cookouts! Is there anything better tasting than a hamburger from the grill? Sitting by the pool, munching on fruit & chips…sipping on margaritas. Pure relaxation.
4) Fun clothes. Flip flop capris, white shoes, pink pants, & halter tops can all make their reappearance from the depths of the closet. I’m quite sure some of these prints would be illegal in a place like NYC, but here, they’re required.
5) Spring Cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new. Sort it out, box it up, give it away. Those slippers I got for Christmas & never wore will find a perfect home at the Salvation Army as I make room for my new overpriced summer shoes from Spain. It’s time to de-clutter and remind ourselves of how much we have and don’t use/need. Reduce, reuse, recycle.
6) Flowers in bloom. All aspiring photographers have plentiful fodder for their cameras now. The azaleas, wisteria, indian hawthornes, dogwoods, and more are in bloom at the beach. And it’s not to hot to go out and enjoy it all. Go visit your favorite garden.

Enjoy the spring before it turns into a sauna out there!

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