Porcupine Joke

What kind of pine has the sharpest needles?


Post Christmas Vacay

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I really had a great one. I enjoyed an intimate meal Christmas Eve with my boyfriend’s family. The highlight of the evening (aside from the awesome gift-giving & recieving) was the reaction of the 5 dachschunds to their christmas presents. We had lunch on Christmas day at my parent’s house; more of my family came than ever before; there were 28 people there! I enjoyed a rousing game of capture the flag, which I hadn’t played in ages. With 4, 20-somethings, an eleven year old, and 4 kids under 10, you have the makings for a really great game. Crazy kids!

I’ve spent the last two days just relaxing. Today, I re-read the Order of the Phoenix & then bought and read the Half-Blood Prince. It feels great to loll about and read all day. Tomorrow, I really must clean. Yuck.

Christmas Cookies

What Happens when 20-something brothers & sisters get together for a night of cookie-decorating bliss? The results are not so pretty.

Cookie Makers

The Cookie-Decorating Conspirators: Rich, Suzanne, Rob & Elizabeth (from left to right)


A sample of our Rudolphs. Note the decapitated rudolph done by my lovely boyfriend.

Shark Attack

Some more of my boyfriends creations. The one vaguely resembling a Christmas Tree is a "Shark Attack;" evidently the gingerbread men sprinkles were mauled by the green shark in the blue water. The other one is Teddy Bear who lost his whole side to a mauling by a larger bear. That's what happens if you give Rob a cookie even vaguely misshapen.


This picture shows a variety of cookie stylings, from our homage to Mao Tse Tung, to Peace-Joy-Love, to many Goofy Gingerbread-Men-Shaped Creatures. Again, the gingerbread man with a sad face & visible intestines was done by my boyfriend. And no, he's not that sick & twisted.

We had a blast that Sunday Night.

Candle Light

What did the big candle say to the little candle?

I’m going out tonight!

Secret Snowflake, Part 2

I saw that my secret snowflake has recieved & opened her package, so I am posting the pics of what I sent her.

Secret Santa

I had a lot of fun putting together this package, but I didn’t get to craft as much as I had hoped to b/c of my exam. I sent her: Loteria Cards, Pin-up Girl Books & Buttons, a Graham Cracker Gingerbread House Kit w/Loads of Candy, a DIY Snowglobe, Rainbow Legwarmers & Socks, Cocoa Mixes, and some other small random things.

Pineapple Joke

What do you get if you cross an apple with a Christmas tree?



Secret Snowflake, Part 1

I was having an awful day yesterday; I got some news that made me sad. However, when I arrived home, I had the most awesome secret snowflake package waiting on me. This is the best package I have ever received. I’m still glowing; it has made my week. And my secret snowflake is the most awesome one in the entire world!

Secret Snowflake Swap

I got a sublimely tacky landscape, an awesome crafty book, lush goodies, handmade soap goodies, beautiful yarn, and a cool vintage pin! I’m so happy to recieve such perfectly chosen gifties! And my cats loved the packaging!

Texas and Trixie
That’s Texas & Trixie inside the package!

Bald Christmas

What did the bald man say when he got a comb for Christmas?

Thanks, I’ll never part with it!


Post-LARE or My New Haircut

I don’t want to jinx my exam, so I won’t talk about it except to say that everyone should keep their fingers crossed for me through February! I won’t find out the results until mid-late February; that’s an awfully long time to wait.

After my exam, I needed a change. I had been studying for sooo long, I wanted a completely different look now that the studying was over for a little while. So….I cut off all of my hair

New Haircut


I’m leaving today to take my LARE exam in Columbia! Everyone wish me muchos luck, site planning genius, & speedy grading skills!

See everyone on Tuesday!

Pecan Pilaf

We have another great recipe called Pecan Pilaf. My mom made this for Thanksgiving; it tastes very, very yummy.

The Recipe

Knitting Tree

Why are Christmas trees like bad knitters?

They both drop their needles!


Cheesy Pineapple Casserole

Now that the post-Thanksgiving Rush has settled down, and I’m looking at the home stretch for my exam studying (12/5 & 12/6), It’s time to post some new recipes.

The Recipe