Looking out my Kitchen Window

I was recently reading Apartment Therapy’s post on warm and cool people (find by clicking here) and their design styles. I am definitely a warm person. Rob and I have created a home full of tchotchkes and things that make us smile. Our problems are weeding out stuff we don’t use and organizing the stuff we do use. (Rob may be a cool person on his own, but with me, he has no choice but to be warm.) I have been trying very hard to keep lots of negative spaces in our new home & not fill everything to the brim with stuff!
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Bundled kitties…

Are watching you.

Trixie and Texas

Snow in Little River

It wasn’t snowing when i got back from the gym this morning at 6:50am, but by the time I left for work at 7:30–it was coming down in Little River. I took some photos to document the whole thing because snow is so rare in this part of the world. The best was watching my cats. They’d never seen snow before, and they were at two windows ready to attack any flake they could.

Warcraft with Trixie

I couldn’t help taking these pictures of my adorable cat, Trixie, helping Rob play Warcraft.


LOL Cats

I caught Texas & Trixie posing some this weekend. But I can’t think of any captions….Well I can, but they all start and end with “OH. HAI.” Anyone have any ideas?

Wedding Cake Topper: Glass Insects

Some of you may know that I am currently planning my wedding. The big event is going to occur April 19th, a date that is getting closer & closer! You can check everything out at www.suzanneandrob.com. As you can tell from the wedding website, the theme for our wedding is, “Spring.” I am using insects, grass, and the color green to evoke this theme. (Green is also handy as Rob’s birthstone and my birthstone are both green — Emerald & Peridot.) Recently, I purchased our cake toppers from Russia; they’re handmade glass insects. Rob wants to be the spider, so that leaves me to be the ant.
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New Year’s Eve-2 Weeks Late

I forgot to post these pictures at the time they occurred, so here’s the New Year’s Eve Party two weeks late.

The Spread and a Few of the Partygoers

Cats in Boxes

Cats in Boxes

Texas & Trixie appear to be slightly agoraphobic; they’re always getting in boxes and containers of all ilks.

Trixie and Texas

Cozy Kitty

It’s cold outside; Texas & Trixie say go back to bed!

Taz & Lucy

Here’s yesterday’s pictures of my mom’s other kids.

Taz had surgery on his foot; he’s blue-foot right now (and holding his dolly).

Lucky Lucy

Random Images from my Recent Life

There’s not much going on specifically right now, so I thought I’d do a post of some of the pictures I’ve taken recently. They’re all pretty random.

Weird Clouds
Some weird line in the sky when a thunderstorm was a rollin’ in

Guy on Motorcycle (Maybe I want a tattoo)

Cats in Boxes
Cats in Boxes

Mom at Stoolies
Mom at Stoolies

Me and Rob at Stoolies
Me & Rob at Stoolies (where we first met, a long time ago)

Work Wildlife

I haven’t been doing anything interesting but working lately, but I’d thought I’d post some pictures of animals I meet when I leave in the evening. I’m not exactly sure of the species or anything, but I generally know that the pictures show a skink/gecko/lizard, a squirrel (chilling out under my vehicle), and a grasshopper of some sort.

Broadhead Skink
eta: This is a picture of an adult male Broadhead Skink aka Eumeces laticpes.

Eastern Gray Squirrel
eta: This is a picture of an Eastern Gray Squirrel aka Sciurus carolinensis.

American Grasshopper
eta: This is a picture of an Adult American Grasshopper aka Schistocerca americana.

Taz Before & After

My little buddy Taz went to the groomer’s yesterday. He is such a cutie; I had to share!

Taz Before

Taz After

Fighting Tigers

It’s a gray day here at the beach–wet & warm; no signs of winter or the impending holidays. I thought I’d share a picture of my babies (Trixie on the left, Texas on the right) boxing this morning. They made me laugh because they’re so serious when they’re play-fighting.

Fighting Tigers
click on the image for a really large version of the rumblin’ kitties