Cake Carrier

My Grandmother’s Cake Carrier

For my first five years of elementary school, I went to school about two miles from my grandparent’s home at the same school where my mother also taught. Often in the afternoon on the way home from school, we would stop by their home to chat, visit, pick something up, or drop something off. The first names that I used to call my maternal grandparents were, “Ma,” and, “Dada.” However, around the age of 9 or 10, I grew self-conscious of those names because to my ears they sounded like baby talk compared to the other names kids called their grandparents. I started using, “Grandma,” and, “Grandpa.” In retrospect, my self-consciousness probably stemmed from reading so many books where grandparents had bland grandparent names. It’s funny what kids do.

Any time that we stopped by my grandparent’s house, I would begin a treasure hunt. Grandma had all kinds of food in her kitchen that wasn’t at home: White Bread with Butter, Sleeves of Ritz Crackers, Left-over Fried Chicken or Pork Chops from the day’s lunch meal (their biggest meal of their day), or Biscos Sugar Wafers. (To this day, when I get sick, I send my husband to the grocery store after Biscos Sugar Wafers because that’s what Grandma or Mama gave me when I stayed home from school sick. I am not interested in any other brands, only Biscos are light and sweet and creamy in the exact curative proportions.)

The biggest treasure hunt score was always when I noticed Grandma’s orange cake carrier out on the counter. Cake! Usually, I would excitedly open the carrier to find pound cake; always awesome, but not the ultimate prize. The best days were the days when the big reveal exposed Grandma’s Sticky Chocolate Cake (if you click the link, it will take you to the recipe for this amazing treat). I was in heaven with a can of Diet Coke (or Tab before that) and a huge paper plate of chocolate cake.

Many years later after my grandmother died, when my Mom and Aunts were cleaning my grandparent’s house, my Mom asked me if there was anything from Grandma’s that I wanted. The only I could think of was Grandma’s orange cake carrier. It now has a treasured place on our dining room hutch, though I wish I baked a lot more, so I could leave it on the counter with cake inside. Maybe if Rob and I have children one day, I will be able to share with them the anticipation of seeing the orange cake carrier on the counter and slowly lifting the top to reveal their heart’s desire.

Other Cake Carriers
My grandma’s cake carrier was a “LookLift” Cake Carrier. From time to time, one can still be found on etsy or eBay (like the examples above).

Knitting Bracelets

Although it has been some time since I’ve posted, I’d thought I’d feature a project that I really enjoy knitting for friends–bracelets! I recently made this bracelet for an amazing lady’s birthday present. Before sealing it up in the gift box, I took a few pictures for julepstyle. Each knitted bracelet I’ve made has been very different, but I’m pretty pleased with how this bracelet turned out.
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Flower-Shaped Treat Box How-To

One of the blogs that I read everyday is Prudent Baby. They have really cute projects and generally inspiring posts. They also have lots of contests for various prizes, but I usually don’t enter because their contests are usually sewing-related (and I am not a sewer–yet). However, on March 17th they announced a, “Sweet on Paper Contest,” to win an 11×17 Brother Printer. I really need a new printer, so I developed this flower-shaped box as my entry. The azaleas that are starting to bloom around our yard to signal the start of spring were an excellent source of inspiration.
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Fabric Striped Pillows

When my best friend got married, my mom wanted to get her something special. One day while wandering through Anthropologie, mama saw some fabric striped pillows that were very expensive! Mama ended up making pillows inspired by the anthro ones; hers were skillfully crafted, as opposed to the rough finish the anthro pillows were going for.

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Embroidered Dish Towel

I embroidered this hand towel for one of my fellow Leo’s Birthday Present. I’m not sure exactly, but I think it needs a pair!
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Wofford Terrier Monogrammed Glasses

Another Christmas gift for my dad–etched glasses.
One side is monogrammed; the other side has his college mascots–the Wofford Terriers.
See the Glasses

Under the Sea Glasses

Etched martini’s for Eileen and Richard–a sea theme for their beach house!
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Glasses for My Cousin

Etched glasses for the Coulter’s with their name, stars, and flowers
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Etched Glasses for Eliza

These glasses say Cheers in 4 different languages (Prost, Kampai, & Salut).

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Bath Poofs

I’ve been knitting bath puffs lately. The economics doesn’t really make sense; at Wal-Mart you can get a bath puff for $.94, but if you knit one you have to buy the yarn and spend the time knitting it. I’ve been on a crafting hiatus for awhile, and I’m starting to remember how much fun it is to make things. Expect more of these crafting posts in the future.

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Valentine's Ring

Happy Valentine’s to Me!

Due to the extremely busy nature of my schedule last week; Rob and I were forced to postpone our Valentine’s celebration to Friday night. He gave me such a gorgeous right-hand ring, it was well worth the wait.

Designed and handmade by Down to the Wire Designs on Etsy, Rob did a wonderful job picking out a piece of jewelry that I would truly love. Thanks so much Rob! View the Etsy listing here.

Knitted Flower

Knitted Flowers

I have begun knitting flowers in my spare time. Knitting flowers comes as close to instant gratification as anything in knitting. They are quick & easy & there are NO RULES.

You can use whatever kind of yarn you have laying around & make a whole bouquet. I started with Stephanie Shiman’s (of the Wool Peddler) pattern, “Plethora of Petals,” from Knitty. You can really go anywhere from there!

Embroidered Onesies

Embroidered Onesies

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve posted something I made. It’s mainly b/c I keep forgetting to take pictures of things before I give them away. Anyway, I embroidered these onesies for my cousin’s baby-coming-in-September using some of Jenny Hart’s patterns. I can’t believe my cousin’s going to be a mom, but I know she will be an awesome, gorgeous, rockin’ mom.

I wish they made onesies for adults; they look so comfy!

Pretty Little Hearts

Happy Valentine’s

Knitted these for my valentines. Pretty little hearts!