Knitted Flowers

  • Knitted Flower
  • I have begun knitting flowers in my spare time. Knitting flowers comes as close to instant gratification as anything in knitting. They are quick & easy & there are NO RULES.

    You can use whatever kind of yarn you have laying around & make a whole bouquet. I started with Stephanie Shiman’s (of the Wool Peddler) pattern, “Plethora of Petals,” from Knitty. You can really go anywhere from there!

  • 3 thoughts on “Knitted Flowers

    1. I LOVE the flower! You must show me how to do this. I like to crochet, but knitting is something I just couldn’t conquer. Having to coordinate the two needles just wouldn’t work for me! When a friendof mine was teaching me to knit, my little practice piece looked more like a basketball net instead of a littlle square. You rock, Suzy Q!

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