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Letter to Myself, circa 1996 (Found Object #1)

Letter to Myself, circa 1996 (Found Object #1)

I went to Florence this past weekend to help clean up some more of my stuff that my parents have been storing in the bonus room. In one of the boxes of things I brought back to the beach, I found a letter I wrote to myself in August of 1996–right before I started college, while I was on Project WILD. It was mailed to me in the fall of 1997; it’s interesting:

Dear Suzanne,
Right now in your life you think about your weight a lot. Your worries about the coming school year are numerous and varied: 1)Will I do well–really well (honors), 2)Will I find friends I really like, 3)boyfriend? On my solo today–I’m going to write to Stephen–What will he write back?

I am scared about my future…
I am ashamed of my past…
I am content w/my present.

It is important to remember Suzanne that there is a place in yourself. A retreat from all the rest of that shit. There is also a place in the mountains you can go for solitude–by a river, near the Mullinax trail.
You’re not a bad kid, Suzanne. You’ll do well. Please, Please apply yourself to the appropriate things. It’s important. Don’t procrastinate; try to stay healthy. Love everyone for what they are & respect their right to be something you do not like. Don’t stereotype. Try not to boss or step out of group activities. Don’t think too much about emotions & try not to be too shy. (Although it’s ok if you are.)
I hope you stay in contact w/your old friends. They made you laugh. I hope you make lots more, though.
Be careful & as corny as it sounds: Be good & follow the goodness in your heart.

I’ve also scanned the list that was on the back of a page. Evidently it’s for my college dorm (CS was Catherine Saleeby).

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      I agree with Rox…what a great idea! I wish I would’ve done this before I was married and then before I had Rubygail. wouldn’t it be neat to see how much had changed after a year of marriage and then after a year of having a baby! I love your blogs!

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      I LOVE THIS! I might write a letter to myself today and read it this time next year.

      Actually, I did this sort of thing in a recent blog posting ( Very interesting how much a year changes someone…

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      My new favorite category

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      I’d like to know what Stephen wrote back!

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