Lucky Lucy

Little India’s food attracted another stray to our house. This one had to go to the vet immediately; she had been abused & hurt by someone in her past. Most of her tail was missing, there was a large gash on her leg, she was completely skinny, and she had a medical bracelet around her neck & leg. The first time we spotted her, we weren’t sure if she was a kitty or a bunny b/c she could only hop.

She’s looking much better after a week, and it looks like she has a new home–or beach condo rather. She & mom have quite taken to each other. She’s such a sweet kitty. She won’t go outside (at all), but she loves being inside, especially in someone’s lap.

One thought on “Lucky Lucy

  1. When will the animal to human ratio become waaaaaaaaaay too uneven?? Y’all are too sweet to help out all these kitties! Lucky cats!

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