Little India

After I got settled in my new apartment, I began to notice a little black cat hanging around. She was super skinny, but very sweet, so I resolved to give her a better home. Mom & Dad said she could live ouside at our house in Florence, which I’ve come to realize is exactly how India likes it. She’s not a wimpy indoor cat.

I named India after the bushes she used to live in at my apartment–Indian Hawthorne. (If the vet said it was a boy, she would have been Hawthorne.) We once had a cat named in a similar vein–Azalea. When we took that one to the vet, he became Mr. Azalea very quickly. India was great on the car ride to Florence & very well-behaved at the vet’s. We got some bad news there though; India is FIV+. Her life expectancy is shortened because of the immune deficiency, but she can live another 6 years or so. And we know she will be much happier & healthier at my house.

These pictures are from the first day she moved to Florence (Memorial Weekend). From what I understand, she already looks much better. I’ll get some more recent pictures ASAP.

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      Apparently the pirate threat prodded you to update Julepthang…I should start using that in all facets of life. “You will get me that report by the end of the day or I’ll send a pirate your way!!” “You will have my food to the table in 10 minutes or less or I’ll sic a pirate on you!” But YAY for India! She looks very happy!

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