Welcome to JulepStyle.com. Although this website is currently under construction, I hope you’ll browse through and check things out. Currently I have up and running a recipes database where anyone can submit a recipe for everyone to see and use! I’ll try to start filling up the recipes, but it will take some time. (cooking is HARD WORK!)

JulepStyle.com began as an effort by me (Suzanne)–a dislocated Southerner who suddenly found herself relocated back to South Carolina after graduate school–to talk about my crafts & share awesome southern recipes. As the site continues to grow it will ultimately house a living cookbook, an online shop of crafts and recycled thrift goods, my landscape obsession showcase, and hopefully a little home style content for all those Southern women. Genteel or redneck (or like Suzanne-somewhere in between), Welcome!

ETA (01/24/08) moved the blog to champagnethursday.com
ETA (02/22/10) moved the blog back to julepstyle.com & combined everything together again….

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