Muffaletta Sandwich

Julep Style recieved its first vegan recipe submission today, and boy does it look yummy! I can’t wait to make this sandwich!
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Stuffed Artichoke Side

Stuffed artichokes are a tasty New Orleanian Treat, but stuffing each leaf is time consuming. This dish offers the best of both worlds–great taste & easy preparation.

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Squash & Corn Cakes w/Chipotle Mayo

Ahhh, squash. Always cheap at the store, but what to do with it that is new and exciting? This recipe brings new life to squash, and it’s quick and easy to make!

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Fancy Crab Dip

My momma taught me how to make this easy crowd-pleasing appetizer. As long as I take this dip to a party, I know I won’t go hungry!

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