Nursery Decoration Time

Nursery Decoration Time


I have a confession to make. Way before we were even trying to get pregnant, I started buying things for our future nursery. I knew I always wanted to make a beautiful space for a baby that was gender neutral in terms of color and elements after seeing Jeong Mee Yoon’s Pink and Blue Project back in 2005. I also wanted to avoid a heavy theme, and instead, rely on a looser grouping of colors through which we could weave our favorite elements. We’ve got 15 weeks left to go until the baby is here, and I’d thought I’d show you what we’re going to be using (when we get the room to a place where decorating can happen):

  • Scenic Forest Tapestries from Urban Outfitters; I bought these back in January of 2011. They will basically serve as floor to ceiling curtains along one wall for the closet (it’s a huge closet, way bigger than any baby could use lol).
  • Featherbottom Rug from CB2. We’ll be redoing the floors in the nursery ASAP and getting rid of the gross carpet, but this rug will tie together the blues/oranges of the tapestry with the greens and yellows that I also want to have in the room. (I splurged on this one when I was very newly pregnant.)
  • Bear Cub No. 3 and Bear Cub No. 4 Prints by Sharon Montrose for 20×200. I bought these prints off of 20×200 back in 2011; they’ve been in a drawer ever since for the future nursery.
  • Vintage Dolly Toy Co. Balloon Vendor Nursery Lamp + Matching Switchplate. When I was a very little kid, I had this lamp in my nursery (way back in 1978); I love it, and I had to keep it as an element.
  • Black Forest Owl Wall Clock. I thought this was adorable and bought it on eBay a few years ago. It’s also been in a drawer ever since.
  • Baby Fawn Pillow; I snagged this from H&M last year when I was perusing baby stuff to buy for others. I have a baby animal thing obviously, but I like it because it coordinates with the tapestry/curtains.
  • Graham Glider + Ottoman from West Elm. I have loved the look of this glider for years; I’m so glad West Elm still makes it. My husband and I are both pretty tall (6′ & 6’5″), and I think this one gives us a place to rest our heads. I got an amazing deal on this at the Asheville West Elm Outlet back in March.
  • Ikea Hensvik Crib. I really like very plain cribs, and I didn’t want to spend much on such a temporary piece of furniture. I like the little ornamental detail on the ends of this crib because it’s just a little bit fancier than the more modern versions that are plain and straight. We bought this Memorial Day Weekend at the Charlotte Ikea (on sale yay)!

We already have two dressers for the room; the pieces are part of my Dad’s first bedroom suite. He got it when he went to college. We’ve moved the bed into the new guestroom for now, but one day, when the baby is old enough to sleep in a real bed, we’ll reunite the pieces. We’re also changing the color of the room to pale yellow (similar to background color in the element collage above) and putting down hardwood floors (haven’t picked the flooring out yet though). I’ll try to post some progress pictures of the nursery soon!

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