New House Numbers

As part of our labor day weekend bonanza of projects, Rob and I finally completed our house number plaque. Yay!

Number Plaque

After purchasing the numbers at home depot, we were inspired to build a plexi-glass plaque after seeing this blog post on Apartment Therapy about etsy seller Modplexi making mod address plaques from similarly-styled numbers on a plexi-glass plaques. But $125 was not in our house number budget. We had already spent about $20 on the numbers at Home Depot and with an additional $15.00 we finished the project up. I bought an 8″ x 18″ piece of 1/4″ thick plexi from a local glass company. We painted the reverse of the glass the same brilliant turquoise that we painted our door (Emerald Coast by Behr) and devised a float-mounting system using some bolts and nuts (since the included hardware wouldn’t work for our purposes).


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  1. I LOVE this! I am going to ‘borrow’ the concept, if that is ok :). Did you have to do any prep to the plexiglass before you painted? My siding is about the same shade of gray, but I am going with a raspberry color for the door and plaque. I have peeked at some of your other photos and they are great! Thanks for sharing! Barbara

  2. Also wanted to add in response to the above question (I emailed Barbara, but in case anyone else comes here with the same question), that I didn’t do any other prep to the plexi. Just painted it. I drilled the holes for the screws before I painted. (And the plexi sort of melts from the heat of the drill, so it’s a good job to do on newspaper or outdoors.)

  3. Wow! Found your pin and almost fell over! We also got the #’s from HD and could not find a way to secure them to the brick! This has solved our problem but has created another WHAT COLOR am I going to paint the plexiglas! ? Did you buy the 5″ #’s as we did. Thank you so much for the great idea on my way to the glass store:)

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