Fat Cracker

The perfect hors d’oeuvre for any Champagne Thursday is Fat Cracker. I don’t know the original names for these divine little appetizers, but they really should just be called Fat Crackers. Bacon fat baked into club crackers with melted, bubbly Parmesan cheese. Yummy. I’m lucky–because my metabolism is so high, I can eat a million Fat Crackers and still not […]

Another Julep Birthday

Yesterday was my illustrious cousin’s birthday! Everyone wish Ms. Kalli-Balli-Berry-Belle a gorgeous birthday (a day late); She’s 12 now. WOW! Everybody Sing! Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Kalli-Balli-Berry-Belle, Happy birthday to you! Kalli-Kalli Bo-Balli Banana Fanna Fo Falli Me Mi Mo Malli, Kal-li!

Morning Rainbows

I saw these rainbows driving into work this morning at about 6:40 am. The first (left side of the rainbow) was taken from the road, but when I stopped to pick up some Lean Cuisines for lunch this week, I saw the other side of the rainbow. What a great way to start a work-week!