Pee Dee Street Rodder’s Run to the Sun XVIII

This past weekend, I visited the Pee Dee Street Rodders 18th Annual Run to the Sun at the Waccamaw Factory Shoppes with Rob. We were there very early (8 am!!) to enjoy all of the tricked-out classic cars from pre-1989. I really wish I had kept my 1984 Peugeot. It would have looked great at this show. Especially with some flames….turquoise flames. I could have called the Peugeot, “Cool Heat.” I miss that car.

Anyway, it was a beautiful sunny day with wind that was a little-too-cold for my inappropriate footwear of the day–my new thong sandals. We didn’t win the 50/50 raffle. (Unless they are very delayed in making those notification calls!) However, we had a very choice position in the middle of all the festivities. Why don’t we paint cars pink or turquoise anymore? Maybe if Ford & GM moved to sweet colors, they would be more profitable companies. Just check out the pictures!

Car Show

2 thoughts on “Pee Dee Street Rodder’s Run to the Sun XVIII

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      AHA! It all makes sense now. I was wondering why all those crazy cars were on the highway last weekend…. I agree about the PEWgot. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

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      I was at the 21st annual show this weekend. You must have driven a Delorean to attend the 28th annual show ;o) All kidding aside this was a great show and I’m already looking forward to next year’s show!

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