Halloween 2005

Happy Halloween Everyone! This weekend, my firends and I took the opportunity to dress up and celebrate the best holiday of the year–HALLOWEEN!!!! The pictures are available for your perusal. I dressed up as the end of the rainbow; I carried a blue umbrella with clouds. My sister was the leprechaun with a pot of gold. We were so cute! […]

Silly Elizabeth!

This weekend, my sister came to visit me. We ate awesome steak salads at Logan’s, had a drink at Stool Pigeon’s, did some Halloween Formulating, went to the Hook & Needle Club, had sushi, and watched The Wedding Date. It was an action-packed weekend for all involved. Not to mention, I did 6 loads of laundry before she arrived on […]

Shara’s Neckwarmer

It’s about time to post this neck warmer I made. It’s a great pattern by Shara at Craftster (Pattern Link Here.) I worked on this lovely piece at the meeting of crafty/stitchin’ ladies here in Myrtle Beach that happens every other Sunday evening.


After graduate school, I relished my new-found freedom from exams, papers, & projects. That time has now come to an end; I am in the middle of preparing to sit for my Landscape Architect Registration Exam. On October 14th, my two-year apprenticeship period was complete. On December 5th & 6th, I will be taking the hardest two sections of the […]

My New Garter Snake Friend

I met this little snake the other day leaving my office, so I snapped his photo. Then, when I got home, I did the strangest thing; I looked up snakes in a book instead of the internet. Did you know they have information in books too? Anyway, I think I’ll call this Garter Snake Rover, but I sure hope I […]