The Pavilion


This morning I went to the MUST SEE event of the year, er….week–South Carolina’s Largest Garage Sale. It’s held in a 4-story parking garage by the Pavilion Amusement Park.
Garage Sale

I bought one of the most seriously bizarre pictures I’ve ever seen–for a dollar. I should post a picture of this unique find; it is completely perplexing to me, and maybe someone on the web can help explain…The day was gorgeous! (even though there is a hurricane 200 miles away, keep your fingers crossed that she keeps heading north!!)
The Pavilion

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  1. Liza
    Liza says:

    Hi Suzy-Q,

    I’m very jealous of you, I missed this extraoridinary event once again! You know what would be nice, maybe a section dedicated to upcoming events so that all the belles, and wannabelles can try to attend all the Julep worthy soirees. I definitely would have liked to make it to the “Largest Garage-Sell in the World!” On another note, couldn’t find Rob’s new haircut, is it gone?

    Love you,

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