Rob’s Haircut

Rob’s Haircut

Well, It has been quite awhile since I’ve posted. My life just keeps on getting busier & busier. My time is totally taken up by non-post-worthy activity. However, this past Friday, an epic event of groundshaking proportions took place. My boyfriend got his haircut.

Rob Before

Rob After

I have to admit that I was quite shocked at first; now that my brain has adjusted I think this haircut definitely suits him. I think people’s overwhelming reaction has surprised him a bit; evidently, people thought he looked like a bum with long hair. I always hate it when you get a haircut and everyone (my mom) tells you how BAD you looked before. Anyway, here’s to Rob and his new do!

3 thoughts on “Rob’s Haircut

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      he looks good 😉

      my hubbie got a haircut right before our engagement party – I went to pick him up at the airport & couldn’t see him at all – he was standing 5 feet in front of me with a new haircut & new glasses…

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      Go Rob!
      I think you look great-I liked you before, too.
      Jimmy went out and bought roses for me after I got so upset when he came home with his beard shaved.

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      Wow didn’t even have to get the Fab 5 to have a makeover ; but I see from the background you still needed a drink at Margarita’s.
      lookin’ good!!

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