Beauty Queens

NC Watermelon Festival II

This past Saturday, we went to the NC Watermelon Festival in Fairbluff, NC. The day was rainy, so many of the pictures are gray. All-in-all we had a really fun day. My favorite part of the festival was the parade. It began with all of the emergency vehicles of Fairbluff, followed by 15 tractors of various types, 30 beauty queens, shriner’s clowns, and then more beauty queens. I can honestly say I’ve never seen more beauty queens in one place. They were from all over North Carolina–Miss Tobacco, Miss Peanut, Miss Sweet Potato, Miss Watermelon–and represented all age groups from Little Miss, Pre-teen, Miss, & Mrs. There were even a few Master’s thrown in. What’s a girl to do, but go out and buy a tiara?

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