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Imperial Moth Friend

Imperial Moth

Rob and I met this very showy lady this past weekend. She was there, beside our door, Saturday morning and she didn’t leave until Saturday night. Very impressive look. More information about the Imperial Moth, aka Eacles imperialis, can be found here:

Camping at Taw Caw

This past weekend, Erin, Jesse, Duke (the German Shepherd), Rob, and I went camping at Taw Caw Campground at Lake Marion. Although initially we were worried about the weather, the heat, and bugs; all our worries proved to be unfounded. We had a blast camping at Taw Caw. We were […]

Kitchen Silliness

Kitchen Silliness

Last night while Kalli and I were waiting on dinner, we made this awesome installation on the kitchen bar. We used paper towels, loquat seeds, a dog treat, green post-its, potato chips, dark chocolate hershey’s kisses, and the ant that was on top of my wedding cake (in lieu of […]