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Sunday’s Skillet Toffee

Rob and I wanted to try our hand at toffee this holiday season (what a great gift for everyone!), so I decided to try this AMAZING recipe from Apartment Therapy. I never knew toffee was so easy to make. And because I’m not a big candy maker, I found the whole process truly fascinating. I took pictures step-by-step to share the coolness.

We ended up making 3 batches. It’s pretty easy clean-up (hot water melts all the hard candy), and each batch goes very quickly. I tried to use my candy thermometer to measure the temperature to make sure I got it to a “hard crack” temperature (300-310), but the mixture wasn’t deep enough in the skillet. That said, the cracking on the toffee is perfect. You just have to get it to a deep golden brown (constantly stirring). We made one change from the original recipe; we used toasted pecan bits as our topping because it just felt more southern to us than the almonds. It’s seriously a perfect recipe!

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