The Little Tea Rose

This pretty little flower is blooming right outside our door. The red is so vibrant, it’s hard to photograph (especially with my iPhone camera). I’m going to use this color red as inspiration — for the laundry room color!

My New Favorite Candidate: Vote Red Wine

Saturday morning, I had the luxury of driving around and doing some thrift store shopping in North Carolina. I hit my favorite thrift stores in Calabash, Sunset Beach, and Ocean Isle. (I found some cool items too, but that’s another story.) Heading north on Highway 179, I saw this very awesome sign right next to Big Nell’s Pit Stop; I […]

Silent Cities at Brookgreen Gardens

On Sunday (February 10), Mama and me made it down to Brookgreen gardens to see the much anticipated Silent Cities Tour. The tour is described as: Walk through former slaves and plantation owners’ graveyards and hear about the historical burial customs of European and African origin. It was actually a very cool little trip, and a beautiful day!

Joe Walters Art at Beach First Center

At a recent visit to the new Beach First Center (the first LEED-NC building in the area), I happened to notice these really cool sculptures in the lobby. There are 100 pieces depicting the native flora & fauna of South Carolina. Upon further investigation, I found that the sculpture was the work of Joe Walters, who resides in Charleston, SC […]

Abandoned Tennis Courts

This past weekend, I was able to explore an abandoned tennis court in North Myrtle Beach. I added the photographs to my series of views on the Abandoned Grand Strand. Things falling apart stand in stark contrast to the surreal, neon tourist destination that the Grand Strand has become. If you look closer, you start to see the entropy everywhere. […]

Grandpa’s Daylilies

My grandparents used to run a plant nursery at their house located on a major road leading to Florence; the complete frontage of this property was occupied by a daylily field. When I was a kid, that daylily field was acres and acres wide. My grandparents can’t take care of the field as well as they used to, but the […]

Brookgreen Gardens

This past Friday, my office took a little field trip to Brookgreen Gardens. It was a beautiful day, and I think I got some really nice photos. You can see them here. Brookgreen Gardens is an amazing place. I highly encourage anyone visiting the South Carolina coast to make a stop there.

Abandoned Minigolf

This weekend I was able to explore a nearby abandoned minigolf course. Some of the photographs turned out nicely. I’ve also got a series of pictures taken at an abandoned hotel in Myrtle Beach, prior to demolition. Neon, new development, and tourists are the defining features of Myrtle Beach; I am consistently intrigued by the places where this “icing of […]