Looking out my Kitchen Window

I was recently reading Apartment Therapy’s post on warm and cool people (find by clicking here) and their design styles. I am definitely a warm person. Rob and I have created a home full of tchotchkes and things that make us smile. Our problems are weeding out stuff we don’t use and organizing the stuff we do use. (Rob may […]

Snow in Little River

It wasn’t snowing when i got back from the gym this morning at 6:50am, but by the time I left for work at 7:30–it was coming down in Little River. I took some photos to document the whole thing because snow is so rare in this part of the world. The best was watching my cats. They’d never seen snow […]

LOL Cats

I caught Texas & Trixie posing some this weekend. But I can’t think of any captions….Well I can, but they all start and end with “OH. HAI.” Anyone have any ideas?

Wedding Cake Topper: Glass Insects

Some of you may know that I am currently planning my wedding. The big event is going to occur April 19th, a date that is getting closer & closer! You can check everything out at www.suzanneandrob.com. As you can tell from the wedding website, the theme for our wedding is, “Spring.” I am using insects, grass, and the color green […]

Random Images from my Recent Life

There’s not much going on specifically right now, so I thought I’d do a post of some of the pictures I’ve taken recently. They’re all pretty random. Some weird line in the sky when a thunderstorm was a rollin’ in Guy on Motorcycle (Maybe I want a tattoo) Cats in Boxes Mom at Stoolies Me & Rob at Stoolies (where […]

Work Wildlife

I haven’t been doing anything interesting but working lately, but I’d thought I’d post some pictures of animals I meet when I leave in the evening. I’m not exactly sure of the species or anything, but I generally know that the pictures show a skink/gecko/lizard, a squirrel (chilling out under my vehicle), and a grasshopper of some sort. eta: This […]

Fighting Tigers

It’s a gray day here at the beach–wet & warm; no signs of winter or the impending holidays. I thought I’d share a picture of my babies (Trixie on the left, Texas on the right) boxing this morning. They made me laugh because they’re so serious when they’re play-fighting. click on the image for a really large version of the […]