Our Nursery (finally)

Our Nursery (finally)

Last year, I posted about how I was going to decorate the nursery, but i never got around to posting the finished room. The room is ALMOST finished, but it’s definitely time to show it off. (Still left to do — new floors below the carpet, a couple of pieces of artwork, and crown molding.)

For fun, let’s start with never before seen pictures of the starting point of the room, specifically taken in May 2016. Our junk room:

I really don’t have very much to say about the transformation that I didn’t say in the previous post, so let’s get to the pictures!
This first panoramic view of the room clearly shows almost all of my favorite elements: The tapestry curtains, the rug, the West Elm glider (which is so comfy, I can say that now from experience). We ended up going with a brighter yellow than I originally planned. It gets blown out in some of my non-professional shots, but its pale and buttery, and it brings lightness to the small space.

Another panorama shot from a different corner. I think this is the only shot that clearly shows the little Black Forest Owl Clock.

The tapestry as curtains to cover the open closets – my favorite element, and the organizing element for the nursery. I used the Ikea Dignitet to hang the curtains over the entire wall.

I never posted pictures, but at one of the amazing baby showers thrown for us, the hosts used that pattern as the “theme” for the shower. My dear friend made the most amazing cake based on the curtains. It was so good to eat too!

Books and chest! Note about the crib, yes there is a hamper of stuffed animals, but Eph is still sleeping in a pack n’ play in our room for the time being.

Close-up view of the highboy with the lamp I had as a baby (matches the lightswitch plate), the bear cub prints, and the kitty LED light.

Books, books, BOOKS! Some new, but many from my childhood. And a bluetooth speaker to stream cool kid tunez.

The other dresser, which is a great diaper-changing station.

You can see in this shot that the main family trash can is in the kitchen right outside this room. We don’t have a “dedicated” diaper trashcan, but having a closed trashcan so close makes that ok (even now as his diapers actually have an unpleasant smell because of all the solids he’s eating).

Another view of art (still working on a couple of other pieces to fill some gaps behind chair and above the dresser)

There’s lots of little elements of love that we were gifted by amazing friends and family:

  • White, handmade, crocheted blanket used for baby snuggles
  • Handpainted owl (matching the tapestry) that says, “Observe and reflect and become a little wiser everyday.” Perfect!
  • Kittycat LED Nursery Light (changes color and awesome for low light in the night)
  • Wipes warmer (some babies may not mind cold wipes, but Eph definitely prefers warm)
  • Keekaroo changing pad,

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