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Socks with Sandals

Socks with Sandals

I love, love, love the concept of wearing socks with sandals. This photo shows me trying out this style with my brand new pair of OTBT Black Trenton’s (that I got on final-pair sale for a great deal at Lori’s Shoes of Chicago).

These shoes are super-cute, comfy, and make me about 6′-4″ (eye-to-eye with my husband). They’re great, and I have no worries about wearing them without socks. But can anyone really wear sandals with socks? There are tons of article on the interwebs about how socks with sandals may no longer be a faux-pas, but I dunno. There are some days that I don’t care about breaking the rules, but there are other days that I do want to look to put together. I think I’ll err on the conservative side of this issue and opt for sandals with opaque black tights or bare feet only (most of the time).

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