Mouthwash 2 (Revolution in Mouthwash Dispensing)

Mouthwash 2 (Revolution in Mouthwash Dispensing)

Yesterday’s news of the upcoming iPad 2 release may have overshadowed an equally important announcement — the development of Mouthwash 2. This is not an evolution in mouthwash dispensing; it is a revolution.

Evidence #1: Photograph of our bathroom tray of morning accoutrements. Note the large bottle of Listerine in the back. This is not the largest bottle of Listerine available for purchase (it’s actually one of the smallest), but it still takes up a large portion of the tray’s surface area.
Listerine in the Tray

Evidence #2: Everytime we use the Listerine, a small amount runs down the bottle. This Listerine evaporates, hardens, and becomes a difficult to clean puddle of crud.
Crud left in Tray

Solution: Mouthwash 2. A small olive oil bottle for dispensing mouth wash (complete set includes stainless steel condiment cups for ease of use).
New Mouthwash Dispenser

Mouthwash 2 in Use:
Mouthwash 2 in Use

Mouthwash 2 in the Tray:
New Mouthwash Dispenser in Tray

And now a larger context shot of Mouthwash 2 that also happens to show our new Morning Bar. (Our morning bar is actually only a compact refrigerator and our Keurig; the refrigerator is stocked with morning necessities — creamer, Diet Sunkist (for me), Lemon/Lime Seltzer, and vodka. –Just kidding on the vodka….or am I? I’m still working on the “look” of that area.)
Morning Bar

Just for fun, I also include a shot of another wall in the bathroom. I recently updated this wall after receiving a 20×200 print from my parents for Christmas — Now by Marian Bantjes. (As an aside Marian Bantjes has a new book out that I’m coveting: I Wonder.)
Bathroom Pic 1

Here’s a close-up of the picture. It sits beside another 8.5 x 11 that I printed out as a placeholder. It’s actually a rip-off of another 20×200 print that I liked: Untitled by Mike Monteiro . I’m just trying to find the right shot from our recent Caribbean trip to print out for that frame. There’s also a little owl trinket case from Anthro that my brother-in-law gave me for Christmas.

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