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Saturday Thrifted Finds: 11/20

Saturday Thrifted Finds: 11/20

This past Saturday morning thrift shopping took me to Calabash, Ocean Isle, and Shallotte, North Carolina. I found some cute things, although I’m not sure how I’ll use all of them!

Vintage Christmas Ornaments
These vintage Christmas ornaments caught my eye at Miss Minnie’s antiques in Shallotte. I’m not sure how I’ll use them yet, but they’re cute!

Assorted Goodies
In Calabash I picked up some owl hand towels (because they’re adorable), vintage colored cocktail napkins (perfect for parties–otherwise we use cloth), some turquoise & gold ribbon I plan to use in a wreath project, and two half-pint sour cream glasses. I collect half-pint sour cream glasses, but these are the first ones I got that celebrated the bicentennial. (I stay away from these on eBay because I think they’re not as pretty as the others, but for 50 cents, they’re totally a buy-able item.)

Glass and Needlepoint
I bought this set of 6 glasses because their flat (non-tapered or curved) surface makes them ideal for etching. They’re kind of small, so they may be better suited to votives than as glasses. The hinged jar is perfect for homemade body scrub, like the kind I saw on the Prudent Baby blog the other day. The needlepoint was just too cute to pass up. I’ll probably add it to my collection of tacky landscapes in the back hallway.

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