Chandelier in the Bathroom

Chandelier in the Bathroom

Our master bathroom is huge. It’s enormous. And i know this is a unique problem (probably not to be pitied), but it’s really got a lot of wasted space.

One of my ways to combat the crazy expanse is to make the bathroom a little bit eccentric. We have 2 silver walls, floor-to-ceiling silver trees, a shag rug (not even close to the bathmat area), and now–we installed a chandelier over the bathtub.

For lighting in the bathroom, we had 2 fixtures over the vanity, a fan/light combo (which I still have to get to because the light doesn’t work), and 2 can lights–one over the shower & one over the tub. I like can lights, but I felt like we could definitely go fancier over our bathtub. But, it turns out, you can’t replace a can light like you can just a regular ceiling fixture. They are generally attached to the roof joists, and to pull out the light, you’d end up making a pretty big hole in your ceiling. I thought we’d have to live with the can lights.

But Lowe’s sells can light adapters (check the model number for compatibility), and after carefully reading & re-reading the adapter instructions & the light instructions, I think we were able to install the chandelier so it won’t come crashing down. The adapter screws into the bulb for the can light, and then you wire the new fixture to that. It’s a bit tricky; and there are weight limitations (35 lbs in our case, on which we are on the upper limit), but it’s really not too bad.

Chandelier 1

Chandelier 2

Chandelier 3

And now we’ve got a chandelier over the tub! (Next we need the refrigerator in there…inspired by my friend’s house in Raleigh…)

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      i had to look back at this post because i’m thinking of a small chandelier in our master bath redo– not that we have anywhere near the space that ya’ll have in there!

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