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Our First Wedding Anniversary

Our First Wedding Anniversary

On Sunday, April 19th, 2009, Rob and I our first wedding anniversary–the paper one. We were really lucky that some of our family members were able to come over to our apartment and celebrate with us. We made everyone try our year old cake, which was actually quite tasty.

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Rob & Me
When we cut our top cake!

Pretty Cake
The cake with our toppers-the glass ant & spider. The icing was sort of mangled from being wrapped up & frozen, but it was good!

5 thoughts on “Our First Wedding Anniversary

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      Suzanne and Rob,
      I had a greaaaat time at your 1st anniversary party!!!!
      Let’s have more and more. . .
      And, Yes, the cake was still delicious after a year.
      Love, AG

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      That was lots of fun & that picture of ya’ll is soo sweet! (:
      Happy anniversary again!!

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      Seriously?!? You’re just not saying that it was good when it was truly wretched?!? Hmmmm….. CONGRATS, y’all!

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      Congrats, you two!!! Isn’t it amazing that the cake actually is edible after a year. I remember ours was almost better than it was on our wedding day.

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      Happy Anniversary!
      My girls and I are getting ready to celebrate our 1st anniversary for ‘Champagne Thursday’ Very cool on the wedding shit. we only had to commit to getting together every Thursday night and drinking a bottle or five of cheap champage. Cheers!
      Angela, Jamie and Heather
      OG3 of CT

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