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Camping at Taw Caw

Camping at Taw Caw

This past weekend, Erin, Jesse, Duke (the German Shepherd), Rob, and I went camping at Taw Caw Campground at Lake Marion. Although initially we were worried about the weather, the heat, and bugs; all our worries proved to be unfounded. We had a blast camping at Taw Caw. We were the only tent campers there, but we had a campsite right on the lake. Taw Caw has very relaxed rules; it was the perfect place for us. We made a campfire, ate smores and jiffy pop, swam, went into town for provisions, used machetes and hatchets as we looked for firewood, and wore bandannas. Erin was in charge of the cooking and she made some awesome dishes: Steak, corn, & baked potatoes Friday night; a breakfast casserole in the dutch over Saturday morning; hot dogs on the wiener poker for lunch on Saturday; chicken tagine with couscous for dinner Saturday; and pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and bacon for breakfast Sunday.

I can’t wait to go back to Taw Caw!

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      MY WORD! Y’all were chefing it up out there in the woods! I LOVE the machete shots…yeah, “relaxed rules” is an understatement!

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