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Found Object #5 – What A Young Girl & Boy Should Know

Found Object #5 – What A Young Girl & Boy Should Know

When I went to slumber parties in middle school, we used to prank call 1-800-TAMPONS. The ladies at tampax would answer the phone and our ridiculous questions any time of night or day. We’d pick someone to call and then we’d try to think of the most absurd question. I don’t even know if Tampax still offers that service, but they definitely should…maybe that’s something we could do at my hen party….

Anyway, the fact that I still have the booklet proves that I’m a pack rat. If you’d like to be taken back to the late 80’s, if you forgot the special wording of health class phrases that is guaranteed to make you giggle, if you’d just like the answer to questions like, “Do boys menstruate?,” or if you’d like to make some notes, click on the larger pictures.

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      WOW. I don’t remember doing this, but I’m pretty sure I participated…hahahaha. So rad. Let’s do it (again) soon!

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