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Ever since I’ve started receiving the Bliss catalog, I’ve wanted a pair of MBT’s. I just haven’t been able to part with the $250 it would require to purchase these super-advanced cellulite-burning shoes.

Now, there’s a flip flop designed to do the same thing–Fit Flops, and they’re completely sold out in the United Kingdom. Bath & Body Works has decided to distribute these clever shoes stateside; pick up a pair there for only $39.95 (click here) before they’re sold out in the US as well! (Use code FREESHIP50 by 5/31/07 for free shipping on orders over $50; use code FREESHIP by 6/03/07 for free shipping on orders over $65.)

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      I was getting sort of lazy with my exercise routine and getting the MBT was a total boost in getting me going again – it is so much easier, fun and better for you than any other shoe I have ever used! THEY ARE JUST GREAT & AFTER THREE MONTHS OF WEARING THEM I FEEL BETTER TONED AND MORE FIT AND LIVELY!

      I’ve done a lot research because I also was not happy about the high price of MBTs at the beginning — NOW IKNOW THEY ARE TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY 7 MORE! The Fit Flop is good for the price, but when it comes to being physiological footwear IT IS JUST A FLOP. It is not only the curved shape of the MBT that yields these great results and effects — it is the MBT sensor and five different layer technology which only MBT has… there are many curved shoes: Earth, Fit FLop, Tsui Shi etc. etc. BUT THESE ARE ONLY CURVED SHOES NOT PHYSIOLOGICAL FOOTWEAR LIKE THE MBT…

      Also, I wanted to let all of you know there is a great tool for professionally fitting & buying MBTs online that I found if you go to it is much better than the Bliss link you are giving, because they only sell (and specialize in) MBTs! I got my shoes the same day I ordered them and they were a perfect fit — I traced my feet and faxed them in and recommended which styles would be good for my feet and in which size

      Now that the MBTs are looking better in design you are starting to see a lot of them down here along South Beach.

      Ciao from Miami! Kat.

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      good to know

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