Southpark Mall Trip

This past weekend, my family made our way to the awesome Southpark Mall in Charlotte. We had a great time, and I did some massive spending damage. I’m just glad I didn’t succumb to the allure of the MBTs.

Whitening Teefs

I’m not sure if “Craftiness” is the best place to put my teeth whitening pictures, but as it as project that will progress over the course of a couple of weeks, I decided to put it here. Yesterday, I got my dentist approved whitening kit. Here’s my smile after the first day of treatment.

Mr. Owl

I have a “thing” for owls. They’re solitary, nocturnal hunters; they’re associated with the Greek goddess Athena and therefor now symbolize wisdom. The mournful and/or screeching call of an owl is also associated with death & misfortune. At any rate, I like to keep them on my side, symbolically & otherwise. At the 2007 North Myrtle Beach St. Patrick’s Day […]

First Azalea of Spring?

It’s warm and balmy here at the beach; the azalea buds are all out. I even found this little guy blooming. In a week or two, it will be the most beautiful time of year at the beach. Have a great champagne thursday everyone!