Happy New Year’s!

Happy New Year’s!

I want to wish everyone a (belated) super-happy New Year! Rob and I returned from Reykjavik yesterday, and I have many pictures and things I want to share with everyone. We truly had an amazing trip. Iceland was gorgeous!! New Year’s Eve in Iceland was the biggest amateur fireworks show in the world. Stay tuned in the following days as I edit & organize my photos to post about my very cool adventure.
Fireworks in Reykjavik

This year my resolutions are the following:
1) Visit a previously un-visited continent (Africa, Australia, South America, Antartica)
2) Go to the dentist
3) Buy a house
4) Make it through Gravity’s Rainbow…hardest book I’ve ever started 3 times
5) Cut out diet soda (I got a head start on that one in Iceland)
6) Dance a whole lot more
7) Make 2007 even better than 2006 was (is it possible?)

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