Christmas Finally

Christmas Finally

Now that the successful fiasco known as my sister’s wedding is over & done, I can begin to turn my thoughts to the future. Namely Christmas.

My List of Overpriced Goodies that I have no Business Wanting but Want Anyway Christmas Wish List

1. Some Camper Shoes. I love Camper Twins. They don’t match, and that’s how they like it. Maybe I could afford 1 pair, but then I’d have to choose. AND that’s the hardest part.
Camper Shoes
2. Orla Kiely Things. On my recent trip to NYC, I came across a CHEAP Orla Kiely purse at a thrift store in Brooklyn. Now I just need one with a really long shoulder strap…and a dress…and a wallet….and maybe some of that fancy luggage.
Orla Keily Stuff
3. Louis Vuitton’s Cabas Mezzo You know–the purse Angelina Jolie carries around so much. On second thought, it’s a bad idea. If I carried that purse, people wouldn’t be able to tell us apart.
Cabas Mezzo
4. The Dyson DC-15 Animal Gorgeous vacumn.
5. Kitty Cat Accessories Fancy cases for travelling & a filtered water fountain
Cat Things
6. Sexy Books on Design Just because they look cool. They may have useful content. But they definitely look cool.

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